Monday, July 22, 2013

Peru-Brazil 2013 – Day 35 – Travel day

Today was a hard travel day. We drove for 12 hours, with very few brakes, and ended covering about 800 km. We went from the good roads of the state of Paraná, to the woeful ones of the state of Matto Grosso (Annie drove this stretch, and assures me she had never seen so many potholes, and so many trucks swerving wildly to avoid them), back to the nice roads of the state of Sao Paolo. We also drove under shining sun, pouring rain, hail, and wicked winds. Ah, but at the end we prevailed, and covered half the distance between Iguaçú and Belo Horizonte!

We spent the night at Itápolis, a small town along the road, in a very nice country inn. We went out for supper and found a pizzeria with 50 pizzas to choose from! But of all those 50 there was none that had the tomato-based sauced we are used to. Brazilian pizzas tend to be heavy on the meat, light on the cheese, and have no sauce. If you want tomatoes you have to ask for them as a topping. Also, Brazilians do not eat with their hands (hence Mexican tacos have not made any inroads in Brazil), so you are brought fork and knife with your pizza. Funny, isn’t it?

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