Monday, December 23, 2013

Peru-Brazil 2013 – Day 41 – Tiradentes

From Sierra do Cipó we headed for Belo Horizonte, took the peripheral ring, and started on our way to Rio, intent on following the ´Gold Rush´ road until we reached the town of Tiradentes. The city was renamed in the 1900´s to honor the leader of the first (unsuccessful) struggle for independence. This gentleman happened to be a dentist, and hence the moniker Tiradentes (or teeth-puller).

The approach to the city is not particularly promising, but it is indeed very charming, and a true shopping paradise for artsy stuff. We did our duty as shoppers, and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. A peculiarity of this town is that the streets and sidewalks are “cobbled” with big slabs of sandstone, on the face of which are beautiful ripple marks. It is a true exhibition of these remarkable sedimentary structures. We had a pizza for dinner, listening to a very good singer, and after a late visit to the church of Saint Anthony we went to bed.

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