Friday, July 31, 2015

Africa-Europe 2015 Day 23. Another Conde Naste Travel day.

Not much to report, because we had another luxury travel day, getting in and out of our comfortable mini-bus to look at yet another fabulous view of this verdant island. We also made a nice stop for coffee and cake at 11, and had another delicious and abundant lunch around 2 pm.

One thing we did that was different, was to visit the house that Elmano and Albertina Costa (who are part of our touring group) maintain here in Terceira. It is the house that his maternal grandparents built, and that they gutted and remodeled 10 years ago to keep as a vacation house. The remodel took them 5 years, but it is now a tastefully decorated house that blends old architecture with gleaming wood and all modern comforts. The floor of the garage is now a terrace from which you get a stunning view of the ocean. The concept of having a vacation house like this is certainly an appealing one.

For the evening we got together one more time for cocktails and “a light supper”, which ended being yet another very late night with way too much food. It was a congenial celebration, however, as we all wanted to thank our Azorean friends Elmano, Albertina, and Isabel Cabral for having lent us their tongues and their eyes so we could see deeply inside the Azorean land and its people. The islands are quite literally jewels in the middle of the Atlantic, and we are all glad we got to know them.

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