Sunday, August 2, 2015

Africa-Europe 2015 Day 36. Across the High Atlas (again and again!)

Today was a travel day. We had to get back north, and to do so we have to cross the High Atlas for a second time. We did so using a very winding highway that follows the canyons. It was a perfectly good highway, and our driver was taking its time, but by the time we reached the crest we had many people with queasy stomachs. Fortunately I have a cast iron stomach so I could really enjoy myself looking out the window.

As soon as we were across the mountains we turned southwest, toward Asni, and from there made a hard turn south, once again heading toward the core of the High Atlas. In Imlil, way up the mountain, we left the mini-bus, and ventured on foot into the Toubkal National Park, where we were received for the evening at the house of one of the park guides. His name is Hussein Tajine (yes, just like the most common Moroccan cooking style), and he and his wife make their living from hosting groups of mountaineers. They have three cute girls, 1 through 6, and the 4-year old is a holly terror. Described as cheeky by his adoring father, this beautiful little girl is the undisputed monarch of the house, its inhabitants, and its visitors. She was particularly excited because Ramadan is coming to an end on Friday (today being Tuesday), and on that day all kids will get new clothes (just like in our Christmas).

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