Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jamaica 2016 Day 11. The last day

It is a bit sad, but all good things must come to an end. Today was the day in which I had to ride back to Negril, to return my valiant scooter, so I enjoyed the ride there, knowing that it was my last fling. I got to Negril at about 9:30 am and, since I had until 12 noon to return the scooter I pushed past the town into a long stretch of coast dotted with small guesthouses, restaurants, and bars, all shaded by big trees and a general feeling of lassitude. This is exactly the setting in which I imagine a relaxing Caribbean vacation should be spent (of course, you all know I don’t do relaxing, so I would have been out of my mind if I had to spend more than a couple of days here.

Pushing even farther I approached the point farthest west in the island, from where reportedly one can see that best sunsets. I guess I will have to forego this experience until the next time I come.

The return of the motorcycle went without a hitch, although the owner expressed disbelief when I told him I had been as far as Port Antonio (he would have had a heart attack if I had told him I had gone all around the island, with a few mountain crossings to boot). So I got my deposit back, and all of a sudden I have money again (but now I have two US$100 bills, which is about the same as having no money at all, since nobody can break such big bills).

Fortunately I had saved a few Jamaican dollars, which were enough to get me back to Mo Bay, and to buy the makings of dinner. No more restaurant meals for me!

The walk back to the villa was extremely painful. The sun was blazing like I had not experience it blaze since I had arrived in Jamaica, and there was not a lick of wind. I hate being a pedestrian L

Tomorrow at around 10 am my host Future will drive me to the airport, and from there I will first go to Florida and from there to San Antonio, where I should be landing at about 8:30 pm. I will then take the bus to downtown, to catch the 11 pm bus from San Antonio to Monterrey, where I should arrive around 6:30 am of the following day. I will then take a taxi to the airport, to rent a car, and from there will drive two hours to Monclova, where if I am lucky I will arrive before noon. Grand total it will take me about 24 hours of continuous travel, and I can tell you I am not looking forward to it.

I do take with me a happy memory of Jamaica and its people. They are a bit crazy, but they eat well, have fun, and seem to be doing generally OK.


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