Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ghana 2017 - Day 19. Normal class day

Not much to report. The students turned in their midterm exams, which means I have to grade them today. Grading is my least favorite activity, so I will probably procrastinate until late into the night before I get to it.

Actually, one fun thing I did before class was to take a long walk through the University of Ghana Botanical Gardens. This is a large area on the north side of campus, where all sorts of trees and bushes are growing in great profusion. There was a small army of gardeners armed with machetes engaged in the never-ending task of cutting down the grass. It seems to me that the botanical gardens have seen better times, just to judge by the vintage of the labels that mark very few trees, but they make for a very pleasant walk.

I was hoping I could find a baobab, but met with little success (I finally asked one of the gardeners and was told that no, they didn’t have a baobab anywhere in the gardens). I did come across a pond, where every tree was home to hundreds of egrets, and for a moment felt I was looking at an abandoned set of The Birds. In that same area, which is likely the most visited by families, there is a canopy walk and a playground, both of whom would be a great delight to Ronaldito.

OK, I better get on with the grading.

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