Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 15. Vámonos p’al Norte!

Again, not much to report. We started north toward the border, together with my parents. Our excellent Silverio was at the wheel (he is my brother’s personal driver), and by 2:30 pm he brought us to the Laredo border crossing. The Rio Grande was at a much lower stage than when we saw it two weeks ago, but still in flood.

The border crossing was slow but uneventful. I hesitated for the fraction of a second when the customs officer asked if we were carrying any medicines. Should I tell her that my parents were carrying a small pharmacy with them? “No, officer”. So she waved us in and that was that.

After an early dinner at Denny’s (I love their senior menu), Silverio left us at the hotel and started on the long way home. Poor man, will probably not get back home until 9 pm.

My parents found that their favorite soap opera channel was available, so they settled in the room for the evening. Maya went to the gym, and I went to the bank. After all, I have another trip to fund next Monday! When I got back I went to the gym with Maya (need to start training for the bike trip in March to the Camino de Santiago, Spain), then we went swimming, and finally went to pick up cups of tea for my parents.

Tomorrow we will leave for California, so I think this will be the end of this blog. Stay in touch for the blog of the trip to China that Luke and I will start on Monday! =)

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