Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 0. The adventure begins

I woke up early, and had a delightful chat with Sandy, who is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Nursing Education at Stanford. She has worked as a nurse for 30 odd years, but after completing her degree hopes to make a slight career shift into education, perhaps at the Nursing program at De Anza Community College. She is writing a big paper on the relative merits of traditional instruction versus computer-assisted instruction. Since I am myself interested on launching an online MS program in Water Resources we had plenty of ideas to exchange, and the morning went by remarkably fast. At 11 am their son, Ryan, took me to the San Francisco airport. I have now the honor of being his first customer on a limousine service he would like to launch. He was not sure what permits he will need, but he wants to build a limousine service driving between the San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland airports, as well as driving people back and forth from restaurants and dance clubs. I believe it has good potential, and am glad I helped him baptize the idea.

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