Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 22. A visit to Grandma Inge

My last lazy day! Chrissy and I went to visit the Opel-Zoo, where she used to take Anna and Phillip when they were children. It is a short distance from where her parents live, so they had annual passes and stopped by almost every week.

It reminded me a lot of Happy Hollow, in San Jose, where Faby spent many happy moments looking at the animals and playing in the slides. Also, those of you that know me probably were wondering why I had not visited any zoos so far (I did try to convince the group to visit the zoos in Agra and Mumbai, but got turned down in favor of other touristic attractions).
The collection is not very large, but the animals are well taken care of (I think it is Mr. Opel's personal collection, whhich he decided to make available to the public. The giraffes and lions must had been very cold, so they were kept inside, but the European pigs were doing just fine. These are the same "sangliers" that Obelix and Asterix used to hunt in the forests around their village in Gaul.

In the evening we were invited to have dinner at the house of Oma Inge (Grandma Inge), who is Gustav's mother. Dinner was excellent, and Oma and Gustav engaged in their favorite passtime, which is arguing with each other (the German verb "meckern" describes this sport very nicely). Oma Inge has a beautiful, enormous house, and a proper German Keller, with a bar that resembles the inside of a ship, and a cave where some wines have aged for more than 25 years. A very fine evening!

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