Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 35 – Alone at last!

Today we took the day off from our kind hosts, and Charleen and I just drove off into the sunrise to take a look at the area east of Nairobi. It was a charming drive through a country that is dry but yet fertile. The folks here manage to keep small plots of corn, with just about enough rain to make it prosper. We just meandered through the land, without any fixed plan, in the way I like to travel. We had lunch at one of the small towns, stopped at a small trading post along the way for Charleen to buy some fabric, and discovered a small co-op of wood-carving artisans with a real treasure trove of African art. Turns out to be the followers of the man that in the 1800’s first developed the art of carving in Kenya, and we were impressed by how well organized they were.

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