Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 55 – Back home!

I arrived to Frankfurt at 6 am, to see the smiling face of my dear Gustav. He had stopped on his way to work, just to say hello. Unfortunately we got distracted and didn’t see Chrissy come in, so the poor thing had to stand for half an hour in the reception lobby, wondering if I had missed my flight again. Finally we saw each other, Gustav took off for work, and Chrissy and I went back home.

Oma Inge invited us to lunch (Chrissy, Phillip, a couple of old friends, and myself), and we had a wonderful afternoon. Champagne, wine, and schnapps flowed like water, the conversation was great, and I ended falling sleep. When I awoke it was already dark, Inge and I had another nice round of conversation around a bottle a Johnny Walker Green Label, and I once again crashed under Inge’s hospitable roof.

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