Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 76 – Nothing to report

Another featureless work day. Finally in the afternoon I went for a walk through the city, which never ceases to amaze me, with its funny mixture of old and modern (notice on the photo the reflection of an old chateau on the glass panes of the modern building).

I also bought a movie of Fernandel. This famous French actor was very popular in Mexico in the generation of my parents because of his role as Don Camilo. Don Camilo (a large and feisty parish priest in an Italian town by the Po River) and Peppone (the communist Mayor of the town) were created by the Italian novelist Giovanni Guareschi, who chronicled their rivalry and friendship in a famous series of books, starting with “The Little World of Don Camilo”, and finishing with “Comrade Don Camilo”. It is this last novel that formed the basis of the movie I bought, which in French is called “Don Camillo en Russie”. It was great fun, but Fernandel speaks with a strong Marseilles accent, so I am going to see the movie many times before I can understand all the funny dialogue.

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