Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 140 (Sunday June 29). Viva Espaňa!

I like to live dangerously, so I am going to root for Espaňa tonight!

We spent a quiet day at home, working and anticipating the big football match tonight. At about 6 pm we packed the car with football fan stuff, food and drinks, and we headed for the house of Andrea and Frank, who had invited us for a barbecue and to see the game. They have a beautiful house with a large garden right here in Dörnigsheim, and by the time we arrived the coals were already glowing and Frank was ready to do the honors to a wonderful selection of sausages, lamb kebabs, baby back ribs, and steaks. The drink of choice was Apfelwein, of which I have already talked about (but now you know what a Geribbte looks like).
Afterward Chrissy unpacked with great pride the selection of cheeses she had bought in Paris, but as you can see Anna and Andrea were not particularly impressed. To the right of the plate you can see what later became known as “the museum cheese”, as an inside joke of those of us that had visited the Erotism Museum.

In the best of spirits, the right decorations, and many jabs at the opposing team we sat to see the game. I was the only hard core Spain fan, and for the first 20 minutes had great fun rooting for my team. But then came the first brilliant “GOOOL” by Torres, and suddenly silence fell upon the party. Me, being the experienced world traveler that I am, wisely chose to shut up for the rest of the match, and did forego of my victory dance when the match ended. YES! Espaňa played the best game, and rightfully become the Europa Meister! Many congratulations to all my Spanish friends, and may they long enjoy the sweet taste of victory :)

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