Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 142. A (sob) last day in Germany (sob, sob)

My last day in Germany until God only knows when. To celebrate Chrissy and I went to Frankfurt, to visit the Modern Art Museum. Normally I don’t hold much hope for modern art museums, but we had luck and encountered the works of a marvelous artist: Bernard Buffet (1928-1999). He is recognized as one of the most prominent painters of the 20th century, and as the legitimate successor of Pablo Picasso. He was a bold painter, who could convey a lot of meaning with just a few lines. Chrissy liked best this small owl,

and I thought this portrait of his wife was very charming
I also identified with this world traveler, directly inspired by Jules Verne.

The museum itself is an interesting piece of architecture, so my model Chrissy was kept very busy with the well know mantra: “Wait, wait, wait. Photo opportunity.”

Afterward Chrissy took me to the Monmartre of Frankfurt, to demonstrate that Germany is as devoted to Eros as Paris
followed by a walk through the modern financial district.

We had a very tasty sushi lunch, and afterward went for a walk along the Main river. All very pretty, but it definitely felt like a goodbye.

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