Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 and back to Canada!

Canada 2012 Day -1

Annie and I are getting ready to go adventuring in Canada. Specifically, this trip will see us biking from Montreal to Quebec City, taking the train to Prince Edward Island, and finally biking for four days around this island, which is famous as the locale where the novel “Anne of Green Gables” unfolds. Today is packing day. This is a challenge on any old day, but is particularly taxing today because we have to keep the amount to a volume and weight that we can carry in the two bicycles that we are buying in Montreal.

Let me see, on general terms the plan is:

   June 6 – Noon flight to Montreal, where we will arrive by 9 pm.
   June 7 – Day in Montreal getting ready. We have already arranged to buy two city bikes from a local bike dealer, who will bring them to our hostel by 7 pm.
   June 8 – Bus to Magog, where we will start our bike ride, following the Sherbrook to Quebec City branch of La Route Vert. We chose this route because it follows the old railroad lines (now refurbished as bike paths) and we don’t have to contend with car traffic.
   June 12 – Arrive in Quebec City
   June 13 – Day in Quebec City and night train to Moncton
   June 14 – Arrive in Moncton and bridge crossing to Prince Edward Island
   June 18 – End of bike ride in Prince Edward Island. Night train from Moncton to Montreal
   June 19 – Morning arrival to Montreal. Day in Montreal (hopefully selling back the bikes to recover some of the expense)
   June 20 – Morning flight back to San Francisco
Not bad as plans go, but we will have to say what the good Lord has to say about it. For starters, I think He plans to shower us during the first week of the trip!

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