Monday, June 11, 2012

Canada 2012 Day 7

We did it! We started from Plessisville at our usual 10 am (someone I won’t mention will not be hurried) and by 4:30 pm we had cycled 72 km (42 miles)! Our plan was to take it easy and have our elevenses at Lyster (which we did, in the form of ice cream from the local eatery), then lunch in Dosquet (which again we did, with a picnic by the side of a bubbling stream, and then camp in Saint-Agapit (which we didn’t, because it was only 3 pm and we felt we could go farther.

So we pushed on to Saint-Ettienne, and from there to Saint-Redempteur, where we finally stopped at a supermarket to buy the fixings for dinner. We try to do our shopping just before we go to the camping place, because we have to lug the food with us, and that is no fun. Because we were staying in an unplanned place, I had not looked for campgrounds, but as always I got lots of help from the people around us. (But, being overfriendly, they always add additional info, and that makes it all the harder to understand the instructions. Note to self: When talking to foreign tourists keep it short and keep it simple.)

It has been a hot day, but now we are fairly close to Quebec, and plan to take off early (I shall report later if Herself sticks to the plan) so we can have an extra half day being tourists in Quebec.

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