Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Canada 2012 Day 13

Another radiant morning! The wind was strong and fresh during the
night, and dawn left a mantle of dew over everything, but the morning
was crisp and beautiful, and the sun promised to give us a warm day.
My first task, like I do every morning, was to heat water for coffee
and tea, but before I started I frowned upon my fickle stove, and
mused that after today I would no longer need it, and that perhaps it
would be best to leave it behind in PEI. Well, that little stove knew
what I was thinking, and felt panic at the idea of being left behind,
so it performed flawlessly throughout a complicated breakfast of
coffee and tea, a tortilla espaƱola, and another round of coffee.
Clearly it was trying to butter me up, but I felt little sympathy for
the miserable wretch, at least until I noticed that Annie had lost her
smug look of Schadenfreude. Hmm . . . maybe I will give the little guy
another try.  [The war of the stoves has now begun!]

We took a long walk along the Cavendish beach, basking in the sun and
feeling a little regret at the end of our fabulous adventure. We had
reached the end of the trip, and from here on all that was left to us
was to undo the traveled road and get back.

This time we biked back through Highway 13, under the same hellish
conditions but little affected by them anymore. After 20 km we came to
the town of Hunter River, where we stopped at a bakery for sugary
coffee, a chocolate chip muffin, and a lemon meringue tart. Never have
such a simple fare tasted better than on this sunny day, on the
terrace, and looking across the river unto a charming farm. We are at
peace with the world, and that may be the greatest gift this charming
island has bestowed upon us visitors. [TOTALLY!]

Right at Hunter River we picked up the main bike trail, with is lovely
gentle grades, and 24 km later we made our glorious entrance back in
Charlottetown. We went back to the Hostel of Red Gables, where this
time we get to stay in the small garret apartment. It is totally cute,
and a perfect place to end our tour of PEI. After getting settled we
did the mandatory visit to the Kosy Korner to start the return trip
with clean clothes, and indulged in a bit of souvenir shopping (Annie
got herself an Anne of Green Gables hat, with the corresponding red
hair tresses, to wear at school next Hat Day).

Today is Father’s Day, so Annie is celebrating me with a lobster
dinner, in small restaurant the hostel recommends (unfortunately
“lobster shacks” seem to be a thing of the past). I almost backed off
when I saw the price of the dish, but Annie held my hand and at the
end I totally enjoyed the signature dish of the island (still, next
time I am buying one alive and cooking it myself!).  [Ah - My H!]

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