Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ireland 2013 – Day 8 – Cork to Dublin

We woke up at 4:30 am, because Annie wanted to get back in Dublin with enough time for a last, to-the-death shopping spree. By the time we took showers and drank a cup-o-tea, we moved through Cork like wraiths escaping from the dawn. We actually got to see quite a good portion of Cork, which in many respects reminded me of Amsterdam, with the warehouses and homes of the original Huguenot merchants lining the main canal. The university was particularly handsome, sitting as it does on the high bank of the River Lee. We need to spend more time here on our next trip, as I expect the city has a long and distinguished history.

Once we were out of the town Herself took the wheel, flew along the highway, and I slept the dreamless sleep of the condemned. But alas, my fears were groundless since my Honey brought us safe and sound to downtown Dublin. She then proceeded to give me apoplexy as she was trying to park, and finally told me that if I whimpered one more time she would kick me out of the car.

My mother would say we were the abominable tourist of nine, because as we looked for places for Annie to spend her last 100 euros all we found were closed shops that would not open until 12 noon (today being Sunday). In a high level of frustration my Honey paced through the empty streets of Dublin like a lioness is search for prey. We finally stopped at a small restaurant for breakfast (Annie had a delicious croissant with Canadian bacon and melted cheddar cheese), where we let time pass until quarter to twelve, when my Honey sprung into action. She was a true force of nature, and in less than 20 minutes ran her credit card to her limit, exhausted but with the satisfied mien of an Olympic athlete.

From there we rushed to the airport, this time with yours truly at the wheel, and made it in record time to the rental car place, where Annie tackled the last big packing, trying to consolidate her many shopping bags into a manageable number of bags and parcels. When she was done she had redefined the term bag lady, and thus loaded we made our triumphal entry into the airport. It was tight, but we made it in time and are now waiting for our flight to board.

We leave Ireland with a bit of sorrow, for we have had a jolly time here. Everybody we met was kind and welcoming (hard not to be, since Annie single-handed has rescued the Irish economy), the weather could not have been better (but as we came unto the airport I felt the first drop of rain), and our visit was one beautiful experience after another. It is indeed a blessed land, and we are already looking forward to our next visit.


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