Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Peru-Brazil 2013 – Day 1

Like I said, nothing could go wrong, so after traveling all night we landed in Fort Lauderdale, near the tip of the Florida Peninsula, where Tom Olson picked us up from the curb. Alma and Tom Olson, their daughter Margarita and their son Thomas, are dear friends from our Whittier times (1985-1988). Alma was Fabiola’s 3rd grade teacher, and Margarita (aka Tita) is one of her best friends. Tita, Alma, and Tom are joining us for this trip.

After pickup Tom took us to breakfast, and to a walk by the beach so we could stretch our legs. We then went to meet Alma, who was at the hotel, waiting for some tax papers from their accountant. Like us, they are working until the very last minute so they can enjoy our vacation. Annie and I took showers, Tom and I went to buy some needed supplies, and finally we all went for lunch at a Cuban restaurant, where Annie had a potato dumpling stuffed with picadillo (papa rellena), Alma had deep fried pork with plantains (masas de puerco), Tom had a Cuban sandwich (torta cubana), and I had a delicious dish of shredded beef cooked in a tomato and olives sauce (ropa vieja), black beans with white rice (moros y cristianos), and plantains.

 We made it to the airport with lots of time to spare, which was a good thing because it took forever for Alma and Tom to check in, because the service desk was soooo very slooow. We were finally set and waiting at 3 pm for our 5 pm flight, which actually didn’t depart until 5:30 pm. Again an uneventful flight, and by 10:30 pm we were landing in Lima. Long lines at Immigration and Customs, and a bit of negotiation with the taxi service, so it was not until midnight that we reached the Hotel Melodia, on Avenida La Marina in the San Miguel District, which will be our home for two nights. We are finally in Peru!

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