Sunday, July 13, 2014

Montreal-Quebec-Nova Scotia Day 4. Drizzle all day long

Today in the early morning the sky was overcast, and there was a drizzle. Today was also my last full day in Montreal, and I took advantage of the opportunity to leave the bike at home and take to the town on foot. My plan was to climb Mount Royal (or Mont Real, from which the city takes its name). My left knee has been complaining, so instead of taking the path straight up, I walked the long, gentle road to the top. By the time I got there I was drenched but in good cheer. The view from the top is probably glorious, but I got to see the city shrouded in mist.

After a cup of hot chocolate I headed straight down, past McGill University, and headed for downtown intent on finding a cinema where I could hole for a couple of hours. It was too early, however, so I took a stroll along Sainte Catherine Avenue. Sunday is a big party time for the Montrealites, and the avenue was closed to traffic so everyone could go for a stroll and listen to the street musicians. My favorite was a percussion group, about 20 strong, that happily banged on their drums while keeping pace with a very sophisticated choreography.

Eventually I made it to the movies, but at first I got into the wrong movie theater, and ended seeing the best part of both The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and X-Men. I was glad to have extracted the most out of my 13$ ticket (that is Canadian for $13).

I got home early, cooked a delicious rice with mushrooms, and am now facing the task of washing the clothes I am wearing and packing all my stuff for the trip to Quebec City. I am giving myself 7 days to cover the 300 km, so it should be an easy ride of about 40 km per day, north along the Saint Lawrence River. I will be incommunicado for that time, but if time and opportunity permit I will keep writing my daily blog, and will send several days together when I reach Quebec City. A bien tot!

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