Saturday, July 19, 2014

Montreal-Quebec-Nova Scotia Day 9. Victoriaville to Dosquet (70 km)

A glorious day and a beautiful bike path! I was not in a hurry because I am one day ahead of myself, so I biked slowly, taking in the sun, the gentle breeze, and the green all around me. The Route Vert 1 is built on what used to be the train tracks (the tracks have been pulled out and the route filled with road base, so it is flat and smooth), so the ride is uncomplicated and pleasant. Unfortunately that doesn’t give me much to talk about, so today’s entry is a very short one.

I made my way to Dosquet around 4 pm, and to my great delight I found that the town has an Auberge where I could spend the night. My host is an older gentleman, who has restored a beautiful mansion as a hostel. It has been a labor of love, and I rejoiced on the chance to spend the night in such genteel surroundings.

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