Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Japan - Day 1

Keeping a log is going to be very challenging, because computers here write in Japanese, and sometimes I have to type something three times before I can get it right.

So, I got to Narita International Airport at 4 pm on January 5. My friend Chris was planned to arrive half an hour later, so I waited for him in the luggage pickup area for nearly an hour. That is when I realized that only Japan Airlines and AA flights were arriving. I smelled a rat, and went to ask where did United arrive. Ah, that is in Terminal 1. Rats, rats, and double rats!

So loaded with luggage, I went to Terminal 1, and found Chris, who was having a bit of a panic attack. All is well that ends well, and in no time whatsoever we had arranged our Japan Rail passes and were boarding the Narita Express to Tokyo terminal. From there we had to connect to two different commuter train lines, but we did it like pros, and by 8:30 pm we were checking in at the hotel in downtown Tokyo.

Chris disgraced himself by buying a Big Mac for dinner. I was having a bit of a tummy ache, so I skipped dinner. On the way back we saw a skipped dinner. On the way back we saw a sarariman (Japanese for salary man or office worker), taking a piss on a wall, at the view of all. First count of culture shock!


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