Sunday, January 17, 2010

Japan - Day 13

I had a wonderful half day hike, up another of the deep canyons of the island. The trees were old, gnarly and impressive. I was contemplating a herd of deer, peacefully browsing in the fest, when one of these damn island monkeys emitted a shrill cry that scared the living daylights of both me and the deer. From the corner of my eye I could see him scurrying into the brush, no doubt laughing his little monkey head off.

At 1 pm we took the ferry back to the mainland. It was another beautiful cruise, and I decided to do it in comfort by spending a good half hour in the sauna of the ship. We came back to Kagoshima around 6 pm, and promptly rode to the rail station to jump on the train to Hiroshima. We traveled through the early evening, and came to Hiroshima around midnight. We did not have to sleep in the station, however, since Chris had gotten on the phone and made arrangements for us to spend the night at the Hiroshima Youth Hostel. Nice!

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