Friday, January 22, 2010

Japan - Day 18

Another day of train travel! We figured it would be a skip and a hop to Mt. Fuji, but alas, we almost had to go all the way to Tokyo before we could turn around and approach Mt. Fuji from the back, using the commuter and slow mountain train lines. But we finally made it to K’s House Mt. Fuji, and now we are comfortably installed.

Since I have nothing much to tell about today, let me just ponder about the fact that in this trip we have used all possible means of travel. We flew here, and have moved adroitly in shinkansen, express trains, commuter trains, and slow mountain trains. We have biked all around--an easy country to do urban biking, but a fairly mountainous one for rural biking--, used a car once, took the tram and buses, sailed on tramp steamers, jumped on chair lifts, and hiked all around. Yes, we have done our fair share as adventure travelers!

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