Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Japan - Day 9

Oh my God, the sky has fallen! Wait, no, it is just that it snowed heavily overnight. In fact, it is still coming down pretty hard. Wait, the clouds are parting and I can see the mountain. Oh, it is covered again.

What to do? Well, I didn't come all this way to just look at snow fall, and Chris seems to be happy sleeping, so I am going to go out there are rough it.

And rough it I did. I took my bike and bravely pedaled through the blizzard, looking for a way up the mountain. Alas, at the end I was defeated. I just could not see a thing. So I biked to the port, visited the small visitors center, and then biked along the coast along the Lava Promenade. It was very lovely, but it would have been even better if the snow would have let me see the mountain.

They have a very cute Public Foot Bath, which is basically a hot spring with benches so the tired hikers can soak their tired feet in the hot water. They also have a big, open-air rock band concert area, which I am sure would look great packed with people in a sunny, warm afternoon.

Finally I gave up, and around noon came back to the hostel, just to find Chris getting ready to go for a walk. Good luck, bud! I was cold, and hacking again with the cough I thought I had gotten rid off, so I went to the basement hot spring and foot-bathed in the very hot water to regain normal body temperature. I had the vague notion of going out again in the afternoon, but the snow kept falling and I ended staying indoors.

Is weather against us? This is the second geologic wonder that we cannot visit because of the %$#& weather.

The Chinese House of Horrors feels more depressing than ever :(

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