Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 110 – Nothing to report

Work, work, work. It rained all morning, but in the afternoon there was a bit of sun, so I went out unto the garden. Every tree is covered with new leaves. Thierry and his friend Yasmin came out as well, accompanied by a couple of bottles of good wine, so we sat and chatted for a couple of hours. Later Yasmin and I went for dinner to Café du Soleil, where she had a dandelion salad and I had something called tartiflette (it is a baked dish made by a layer of potatoes, a layer of cheese, a layer of bacon, and then repeating the layering), which is a dish typical of the French region of Savoy, just across the other side of the border. Yasmin is from this region, speaks very fast in French, and has the cutest accent when she speaks in English. She is a lawyer, and just started working in the legal department of one of the big banks last month. Fun friend to have dinner with :)

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