Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 126 (Sunday June 15). Congratulations to Anna!

Need I say that the house is very quiet today? I went to bed around 12:30, but I am sure that the party continued until at least 3 am. Everybody is still asleep, so I have a chance to catch up on my blog, waiting for the other big event of this weekend: Anna’s graduation party. Anna is the daughter of Chrissy and Gustav, and at 19 years old she is a beautiful young woman, who last week received her final Gymnasium grades. She has passed all her exams of the Abitur! Today we will all attend the graduation ceremony, and look forward to the party that will follow :)

Here are photos from Anna and Chrissy, and from Anna and her friend Olga (who has the schrillest laugh I had ever heard)

And here is the happy graduate and her very proud family (Gustav, Chrissy, Elizabeth, and Tony).

Here she is again after receiving her diploma, and out in the terrace with friends Frank and Andrea.

And finally, a photo with her very happy parents.

Anna, or Anita as I have always called her, plans to take a year off from studying, and is still trying to decide what to do with herself. Immediate plans include two months of “Praktikum” with a funeral home (talk about weird), a visit to Faby, DJ, and myself in California to join in the Halloween and Thanksgiving fun, and afterward a long stay in Madrid or Salamanca to become fluent in Spanish. After that . . . who knows? We are all very happy for her, and are sure that “with her head full of brains and her shoes full of feet . . . she will move mountains”. Herzlichen Glückwünschen meine Liebe!

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