Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 127. From Frankfurt to Madrid

I spent the morning washing clothes and “helping” Chrissy clear up the things from Saturday’s party. I am afraid that trying to be helpful I made more damage than good, because I tipped over a cardboard box full of glasses and broke several of them :(

At noon Chrissy, Anna and myself went to meet Klaus in downtown, for a very nice lunch. Both Klaus and I had traditional thick slices of head cheese with Bratkartofel, and the Medels had healthy soup and salad.

Afterward Chrissy and I went to the Frankfurt zoo, which is this year celebrating its 150th anniversary. We had a good time looking at the tigers and big cats, and visiting the special display of “Creatures of the Night”. Using light, they have changed the night on day, and the day on night, so the visitors to the museum can see the animals being active. Chrissy is particularly good at seeing the animals in the dim light, and I had a great chance of taking this photo of her nose to nose to a Madagascar “wolf”. They also have a great display of fishes, and a brand new complex for the apes. We were having such a good time that almost missed the time to go to the airport. “Kein Problem”, said Chrissy, and driving like a daredevil got me from downtown Frankfurt to the airport in less than 20 minutes. I remembered why I would rather go in the back seat when I come to Frankfurt: She is way too scary!

The flight to Madrid was totally uneventful, the metro was perfect, and with the stroke of midnight I came to the Ley’s house, where Maria Eugenia and Juan were still up.

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