Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day –2. Getting ready to go

Day –2. Well, I have done all I could possibly do to get ready for the trip. It was, as always, a killer effort to try to set all affairs in order before a long absence, so I am pretty exhausted by now. The biggest accomplishment was to finish the library, bringing to an end one and a half years of construction and endless detailing. But it looks fabulous, don’t you think?

I am now in Chico, California, spending a couple of days with Faby and DJ. Sunday night I will go with Norma and Evan to their house in Saint Helena, and Norma will drive me to Oakland airport for a very early departure on Monday. Frankfurt, here I come!

The first leg of the trip will be:
February 12 – Arrive in Frankfurt and join Chrissy and Gustav Kobberger, as well as the other members of the India travel party
February 14 Fly to New Delhi
February 14-17 New Delhi and surroundings (including Agra and Sariska)
February 17-19 Jaipur and surroundings
February 19-20 Pushkar and surroundings (the Deccan Plateau)
February 20-22 Udaipur and surroundings
February 22 Fly to Aurangabad
February 22-26 Aurangabad and surroundings
February 26 Fly to Mumbai
February 26-27 Mumbai (AKA Bombay)
February 28 Fly back to Frankfurt


erin said...

Safe trip Dr. Ferriz!!
Your students miss you already! Have fun in Germany, take it easy on the wine tasting :o)!

Around the World in 180 Days said...

This is Gustav (12th of Feb. 2008; 5 pm): Coming home from Work, crazy about saying Hello to Horacio, rushing into the house and smashing my briefcase into the corner... "STOPP:::WILL YOU BE QUIET - HORACIO JUST STARTED TO TAKE A BEAUTY NAP ON THE SOFA" was the gentle advice of my wife Christine. I did not need long refelcting the situation until I outed myself even more seriously by answering: " That might take weeks?!"