Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 5. Agra – a story of war and love

First of all, let me thank all of you who have given us some comments. It makes me think that we are writing this journal for you! Today we traveled to the old Muslim-controlled city of Agra, and to tell you all about it we have our special correspondent Chrissy.

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, wir sind ca. 5 Std durch ein erst sehr” zivilisiertes” Delhi und dann durch ein immer typisch werdendes Indien gefahren mit viel Verkehr und ohne Hupen geht hier gar nichts, “BLOW HORN” steht auf jedem zweiten Auto. Mit etwas Verspaetung kamen wir in unserem Hotel JAYPEE PALACE an, nur leider war unser Reisefuehrer nicht da und wir beschlossen auf eigene Faust das ROTE FORT zu besichtigen, was eine wirklich gute Idee war, denn die meisten Touristen waren weg und wir hatten unsere private Fuehrung in der untergehenden Sonne. Abends sind wir im Hotel ins indische Restaurant gegangen, im Gegensatz zu allen anderen Touristen und es war eine grosse Ueberraschung was wir alles serviert bekamen, weil wir nicht genau wussten was wir bestellten. NAMASTEE!!!


Nina Cerbo said...

Qutub Minar is where Chris and I got married!! So glad to hear you are having a wonderful time!

Yingru said...

Hello, Dear Horacio :

It's Yingru in Taipei, Taiwan, I just told Klaus who just flighted back to Guangzhou, China yesterday(Feb.17th). We didn't know that you are going India where we are planning to spend for our just finished Chinese New Year holidays!!!

Enjoy your trip, you can imaging that you are writing the diary for Klaus and me :)

Best Wishes,

p.s. The poor Klaus can't get the access to your blog. it's very often that China block the website...which happen all the time which makes the life worse: we need access to get information, we need freedom and that's one of the reasons that after I come back to Taiwan, I just don't/ can't go back to be with Klaus.....
I will copy and e-mail your blog to him so that he can follow up :)

Norma y Armando Ferriz said...

Horacio querido: Seguimos con mucho interés tu maravilloso viaje, nos encantan tus comentarios y los de miembros del grupo, que bueno que la están pasando tan bien.Cuando mencionas algunas de las ciudades que están visitando, recordamos las que nos describía tu tía Eviata en sus cuentos. Deseamos que sigan disfrutando de su viaje y sigue contándonos de lo que ves, lo que sientes y lo que vives. Besitos

corina said...

Hola Horacio!
Somos las hijas de Aurora y Peter! Muchas gracias por dejarnos participar de esta manera de lejos. Cada tarde miramos si hay nuevas noticias. Nos encantan las fotos. Espreamos que les sigua llendo todo de maravilla! Un beso a todo el grupo y sobre todo a nuestros padres! Corina y Carmen

Around the World in 180 Days said...

Hola Nina,

What a pleasure to read your comment, and what coincidence that a random landing in India brought me to the place you celebrated your wedding. Did you wear a henna robe, and Chris the turban and the swords? What fun!


Around the World in 180 Days said...

Hello Yinru!

I am so glad to hear from you. I have been wondering how you two were doing, and from your message now I know where you are. So, when are you coming to India? What is your planned itinerary?

I am toying with the idea of visiting China in the last week of July or the first week of August. Maybe we could get together for a brief trip there? (You mention that you could not live in mainland China, but I hope this does not mean you cannot travel to mainland China). It would be fun to see you and Klaus again, and for the three of us to go exploring.

After China I would like to fly to Hawaii for a couple of days, and from there go to Mexico City to visit my family, and that should bring an end to this wild trip around the world!



Around the World in 180 Days said...

Hola familia,

Que bueno que vayan siguiendo las aventuras. Ahi disculparan que la mayor parte este en ingles, pero en mi computadora es una monserga poner acentos y tildes. Viajar con los hermanitos Kobberger es una aventura un poco costosa, porque estan acostumbrados a viajar de lujo, pero ya tendre oportunidades de ahorrar en otras porciones del viaje.

Si, esta es la tierra de los cuentos de mi Tia Chavita :)



Around the World in 180 Days said...

Hola Corina,

Fabuloso recibir to mensaje! Tus papas estuvieron contentos de saber que tu y Carmen estan siguiendo nuestras aventuras. Hasta el momento el viaje a sido variado y sin aburrimientos, asi que esperamos no aburrir a nuestra audiencia J