Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 3. On the golden road to Samarkand

Today was devoted to traveling from Frankfurt to Delhi. We met at the Frankfurt airport with the other two members of our party, Aurora and Peter, and promptly got our first taste of adventure as the bomb squad drove in with their small armored wagon and evacuated the main lobby. For us it was an excuse to have an early glass of wine and some appetizers. Then we separated in two groups: Aurora, Peter and Gustav flew with Lufthansa at noon, and after saying goodbye Chrissy, Klaus, and I headed for Terminal 2 to get our boarding passes for Emirate Airlines. And who shall come as we are making line? The bomb squad with their small armored wagon to evacuate the main lobby of Terminal 2!

Emirate Airlines treated us like, well . . . Emirs, and at midnight we landed in Dubai (a small Arab country which forms the peninsula at the entrance of the Gulf of Hormuz). I had in mind an endless span of sand, so imagine my surprise when we flew over a large and well ordered city, landed at the largest airport in the world (six landing strips and the capacity to handle 100,000 flights per year), and got to spend our four hours of transit time in the biggest shopping mall inside an airport!

Of course, in four hours one must go to the bathroom. But, oh surprise, there was no toilet paper! There was, however, a small hose that one can use to refresh the nether regions after doing business in the stall. It is probably OK if all you are wearing is a flowing robe, but me, I had to resort to my emergency supplies of toilet paper.
Nice place Dubai, but we were anxious to get to our final destination: Delhi!

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