Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 103 – Back to Genève

Mikki and I woke up at about 3 am, and by 4 am had said our goodbyes to good Giorgo and were headed for Athens airport. We got there about 6:30 am, Mikki took the metro to the train station (she is in a backpacking tour of Europe and was headed for Sofia, Bulgaria), and I went through the fastest check-in ever, and waited and waited for my 10 am flight. The flight took four hours (but there is one hour time difference), so by noon I was in Genève, and by 1 pm I was home in Route de Ferney.

I did the laundry, worked for a while, and was glad to abandon my labors when Auréle got home and invited me to join Yvette, Tina, Loïc and himself for dinner. We went to a little bistro, Au Coin du Bar, and had a fabulous dinner. First we were invited down to the cave, to select our wine (we must have looked disreputable, because we were invited to the “normal” cave, where the wine bottles went from $50 to $150, but opening doors we found the cave du patron, where I saw nothing under $200 a bottle). Back on the bistro we started with cute entrees (paté de fois gras in a lemon sauce for me) and lots of merry conversation, followed by the main course. I had thinly sliced, almost raw, duck in a pecan sauce that was to die for. Finally came dessert: I unwisely chose crème brulé, which was very good but not as good as Dawn’s (what can I say, I am spoiled :)

The whole pleasant evening had no purpose beyond the traditional dining out on Friday, but we finally got to business and discussed the weekend plans: We were moving Yvette into her new apartment, and the labor force had to be coordinated. Me, being me, assumed we were starting at 7 am, so I was a little surprised when the meeting was set for noon (you see, allowance had to be made for the fact that the young generation still had many Friday night things to do before going back home).

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