Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 89 – Locarno to Lugano

The following morning I took a long walk through the wetlands of the extensive delta formed where the river Maggia enters Lago Maggiore. It turns out that this is an important archeological site as well, since different groups moved back and forth following the changes in the position of the main channel of the river. Add to that a couple of medieval fortress, and one ends with a fascinating cross-section of history.

And here, for my Muňequita de Sololoy, is proof that she is not the only Fabiola in this world (or maybe she is moonlighting as a haute mode couturier!).

But I still had to reach my final destination, so once again I took the train and headed for Lugano, the pearl of Italian Switzerland. Lugano is one of the great tourism resorts of Europe, in par with St. Moritz or Biarritz, and its reputation is well deserved. In line with the Swiss fascination for its beautiful lakes, the city drapes over the steep western shore of Lago de Lugano, and walking along the waterfront is almost a regional sport.

I spent the rest of the day visiting beautiful churches, discovering hidden plazas, and generally enjoying myself.

I kept glancing at Monte Santo Salvatore, a steep mountain that forms the natural boundary of the city, thinking that a hike to the top would be a great way to finish my “Italian” adventure.

The only problem was that my left foot was hurting, so I was not sure I would be able to make it back and forth before sunset. Well, maybe I will enjoy the sunset from the waterfront, and leave the heavy duty walking for tomorrow.

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