Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 80 – The Gornergrat glacier

Hurrah, my ATM card is working again! I was right about assuming that it was the weekend charges that had put my card on hold. Great relief!

OK, now that I have money I can play tourist some more. Visiting Zermatt and not taking the cog train to oversee the Gornergrat glacier would be a crime, so I dutifully boarded the little train that clacked its way up the very steep slopes to Gornergrat (3,089 m). The view over the glacier field was surreal, because most of the time I was enveloped in clouds that magically swirled to give me breathtaking but very brief looks of the glacier and the surrounding peaks. Again I was hell bent on hiking, but again the snow was very deep, so I dropped down to Riffelalp (2,211 m), and from there trudged down the snow along the terminus of the glacier to finally reach Zermatt around 6 pm. I must confess to my students that I was pretty tired by the time I got back, but I was pretty happy of having walked through the sacred halls of a cathedral of geology.

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erin said...

Ah Dr. Ferriz, there has been so many new developments since you have been gone. I can't wait to here more of your stories in person and tell a few of our (the geology students) own! We Miss you! Let's just say this story of the glacier reminded me of all the great new happenings back in the states.