Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 88 – Trip to Domodossola and Locarno

It is time to see more of beautiful Europe, so at 7 am I boarded the train to Domodossola, a mountain city in northernmost Italy. A pretty jewel nestled in the Alps, with all the flavor of an old country. One of the prettiest walks of the city is up Monte Calvario, where a via crucis and a convent were built in the XVII century. The steep road takes you from one small chapel to the other, where full-size dioramas represent the twelve stations of the Via Crucis. The views from the top are really fantastic, and the whole place is surrounded by a spiritual atmosphere.

Here is an interesting board, with small posters where families thank the prayers of friends and family on the loss of a loved one.

After a half day of tourism I once again boarded the train, headed for Locarno, a Swiss city at the northern end of Lago Maggiore (but most of the lake extends into Italy). The train climbs through spectacular alpine country, crossing deep gorges in what to me looked like rickety bridges more than a century old.

I got to Locarno in the early afternoon, so I had plenty of time to wonder through the city, soaking in beautiful views of the lake. I was on the prowl for some lunch, but even I could not bring myself to partake of the menu of the day: Mixed salad followed by a horse steak with fries (incidentally, horse meat is as well a common offer in the supermarkets of Genéve).

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