Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 85 (Sunday May 4) – More fun and games

Another beautiful morning devoted to work. Pathetic. Fortunately Samir came back home around 1 pm, and that gave me an excuse to stop. Samir was born in Algeria, but he and his family now live in Paris. He is a psychoanalyst, and had come to Geneva to attend one of their big congresses, from Thursday to Sunday. Now it was time for him to go back home, so I offered to come keep him company until it was time for him to board the train. As it turns out, we got to the station well ahead of departure time, so he left his suitcase in a locker and we went for a walk along the lakeshore. It was packed with people doing what people around the world do on a glorious sunny day. Bathing, skating, sailing, reading, enjoying an ice cream, and generally just lying on the grass. We had a beer in one of the little cafes, talked about Algeria and Mexico, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves until it became time for him to depart.

When I got back I found Tina, Loïc, and Auréle enjoying the garden and, wouldn’t you guess, that led to a new game: Risk. The game is perfectly suited for this crowd, as it involves world domination. Every player has an army (I was yellow), and a secret mission (e.g., destroying the red army, or conquering three continents, or occupying 24 territories. Needless to say it is played ruthlessly, with no quarter taken or given. This is a problem when you are playing against your girlfriend, as Loïc found out the hard way. Pity!

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