Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 91. May 11 – Once again Happy Mother’s Day (Europe style this time).

Yes, today we celebrate Mother’s Day in Europe, so Yvette was celebrated with all due honors. Auréle and I made a quick trip to the only market in town that is open on Sundays (the Migros supermarket at the airport), bought all sorts of yummy things for a celebration lunch, and also remembered to get bouquets of roses for Yvette and Julie (who in my heart were representing all the mammas who are so dear to my heart).

The celebrating party got together at 1:30 pm, and included Yvette, Jennifer and Alexis, Auréle, and myself. Alexis made a delicious salad, Jennifer roasted some corn, Auréle manned the grill, and I prepared the mushrooms in butter (and garlic, parsely, and wine) and the baked brie. It was a veritable feast!

We were just finishing when Eleanor and the kids, Aude and Louis, arrived. You remember Louis, don’t you? He is the 5 year-old pyromaniac that taught us how to torch dandelions. Living up to his reputation he quickly enlisted Auréle into making a huge bonfire in the tiny barbecue. Here ia a photos of Aude, Auréle, and Yvette.

To wrap up the afternoon we watched a family film. Auréle’s suggestion that “Predator” was a good family film got turned down, so we watched “Cadet Rousselle”, which apparently is a French cult classic. I am not sure I will join the cult – I fell asleep – but everyone else seems to have enjoyed it a lot.

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