Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 92 – Pentecost

Today happened to be a holiday here in Switzerland, so after working hard all morning I accepted with pleasure Auréle’s invitation to take La Coccinelle out for a spin. We started with an excellent lunch with Michel (Auréle’s Dad), his girlfriend Arianne, and Hellen (a family friend). Unfortunately I forgot I had my camera in my pocket, so I am sorry to say there are no pictures of the jolly occasion.

Afterward we went for drive up the Jura Mountains. It was a test of Auréle’s abilities as a driver because the road is full of very sharp curves and we drove into a hailstorm. However, fortune favors the adventurous, and after retracing our steps a couple of times we finally made it to the top, where we had breathtaking views of the Jurassic limestones, the Jura Mountains, and the valley of Lake Geneva. Here are some photos of La Coccinelle and Auréle playing King of the Mountain (notice he is pointing to La Coccinelle in the third photo).

When we got back Auréle got mobbed by the neighborhood kids. It turns out he is super-popular in the neighborhood, not only because he is a great guy, but also because he is always willing to play with the kids. Afterward he claimed that the half hour of play convinced him that he was not ready for kids, but I think he was just putting on the style because he is really a natural.

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