Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 96 – Headed for Greece!

The tour around the world has so far been fantabulous, but I couldn’t help by thinking that it will be many years before I have the chance to come back to Europe once again. Sooo, I figured I would squeeze in a visit to Greece while I am still here. For many years I have wanted to visit one of the cradles of modern thought, so I am going to take advantage of the proximity and inexpensive flights and make it happen. I may be out of touch for the next week, but I expect I will have all sorts of things to share when I come back. Ta, ta!

OK, I am back, with a few more stories to tell. I landed in the Athens airport around 4 pm, rented a car, and made a bee line for the port of Pyreus, just in time to board the overnight ferry to Santorini. Pyreus is one of the most amazing ports in the world, with ships coming in and out all the time, as if it were a big parking lot (for you movie buffs, this is the same port where the whole story of the movie Zorba The Greek has its beginnings). I enjoyed a nice couple of hours of sailing, watched a fabulous sunset, and then went to sleep on the upper deck.


Fabs said...

Have fun Dadito!!! =)

Hubba said... amazing! Have a great time Dr. Ferriz!